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Estro g 100 Natural Treatment of Menopause

EstroG 100 Herbal Supplement for the Natural Treatment of Menopause

estrog 100 natura treatment of menopauseEstroG 100 is a blend of 3 herbal ingredients you have probably never heard of, that a variety of companies are using in their own natural menopause supplements for women.

Created by Helios Corp and Sunbio Corp. EstroG 100 In a 4 month, USA based, human clinical study utilizing the Kupperman Index Clinical Test Model EstroG-100 significantly improved in 11 of the 12 primary Menopausal symptoms. This is 3 times better than other natural, botanical based products clinically tested with the same Kuppermanmodel. read more benefits of estrog100.(opens a pdf)

EstroG 100 Review

This natural menopausal supplement mix is far from being well known or popular but it is very inexpensive and because of the low price is certainly at least a one month try to see if you can benefit from these ancient herbs with extensive folklore in helping women with menopause symptoms.

Our Estro G 100 Review lets you know more about these obscure herbs that have been combined as a natural treatment for menopause in women.

Phlomis umbrosa root – better known for its properties that help protect the liver, this Korean plant has been used for centuries to help with general discomfort.

Angelica gigas Nakai root – Korean Angelica or better known as Dong Quai (Dang Gui). Has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese medicine. It remains one of the most popular plants in Chinese medicine, and is used primarily for health conditions in women. Dong quai has been called the female ginseng, based on its use for gynecological problems and discomfort such as painful menstruation or pelvic pain, recovery from childbirth or illness, and fatigue or low vitality.

In Southeast Asia, other Angelica species are sometimes substituted for dong quai (Angelica sinensis). Most often these include Angelica acutiloba, which is predominantly found in Japan; and Angelica gigas, which is mainly found in Korea. Although these three species are similar, the chemicals they contain are different. Don’t think of these species as interchangeable.

Cynanchum wilfordii – Cynanchum is a genus of about 300 species and this particular species has received some study and benefits in other areas, helping women in menopause is not really one of the strong areas for this root according to our research. While a plant with this many species there are bound to be helpful benefits we are not sure why it is included in this formula.

One plant out of this formula is well known, historically, to support women with problems of menopause but two plants, while beneficial in other areas do not have a folklore history of being beneficial as a natural treatment of menopause.

Products that contain EstroG 100

Country Life EstroG Balance for Women contains the Estro G 100 herbal combination but also includes a number of other vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to help women. Country Life Estro-G Balance for Women at Amazon.

Like we said earlier in our EstroG 100 review. While there is not much scientific support for EstroG 100, it is cheap enough that trying it out for a month is certainly worth it if it happens to work for you.

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